Gifts of Cash

The most frequent form of donation is by cash or check which provides an immediate benefit to Sandstone Heights Residents, and an instant tax receipt to the donor. Donors may receive a tax credit.

Special Occasion & Tribute Gifts

These are opportunities for a donor or family to indicate to friends and acquaintances that a fund has been set up at Sandstone Heights to honor someone special, or celebrate a milestone event such as a special anniversary or birthday. The donations can be pooled together and designated toward a program or special purchase for the facility that appeals to the honoree or their family members. Sandstone Heights is always looking for new ways to help the residents live life. We could use donations to sponsor a special occasion such as a community dance, a casino night or a trip to the zoo. The opportunities are endless.

Condolence & Memorial Gifts

Memorials can be offered in honor of Sandstone Heights. They enable you to offer your sympathy to those who have lost a loved one, and for use in honoring the memory of an individual after they have died. All funeral homes will work with Sandstone Heights in setting up Memorials.

Planned Giving

A planned gift refers to any gift that involves a serious financial commitment and is part of a donor’s long-term financial planning considerations. While many people in the field think of a planned gift as a gift that is received after the donor passes away, it is really any gift that involves serious financial planning by the donor. We recommend that any individual planning to make a significant donation to Sandstone Heights should consult with his/her own independent financial and estate advisor as to the best method for proceeding with this arrangement.


A bequest is a specific provision in your will, directing various estate assets to be given to Sandstone Heights in return for a tax receipt for the full value of the bequest. This receipt can be used to reduce the tax payable on your final tax return. These gifts can symbolize permanent memorials for you, your family or anyone you wish to honor.

Thank you for all you do to help provide the residents of Sandstone Heights the quality of life they deserve!