Memory Care

Sandstone Heights provides memory care services for all residents with dementia, Alzheimer's, or forgetfulness from time to time. Our caring staff provide Medication Assistance to ensure there is no confusion of when and how often a medication should be taken. We work directly with physicians to manage medication and inform them of new oncoming behaviors.  They also provide Rehabilitation Programs that will offer programs centered around slowing the progression of the degenerative disease or symptoms associated with dementia like agitation and aggression. Our community is staffed with caregivers who are accustomed to the impulsivity and poor safety awareness by the people who suffer from memory care.


Music, sensory stimulation, cognitive therapies, physical and occupational therapies are all ways to help alleviate symptoms of oncoming dementia. Sandstone Heights provides a Secured Area for the residents to safely live in and receive the supervision that they may need. We do provide therapies and programs mostly in group settings so they can receive all of the socialization they would like.


Sandstone Heights works with the resident and families to  personalize the residents schedule so they have a wake up and bed time of their choosing, meals at open dining times, entertainment and therapeutical programs that will feel like a normal routine for them on a day to day basis in a small secure area so they are not overwhelmed in their environment. Sandstone Heights provides excellent staffing ratios to help ensure your loved ones are well taken care of.

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